Each year the solar radiation contributes to Earth energy equivalent to several thousand times the amount of energy consumed by humanity.

The direct taking of electricity from light or solar radiation is known as the photovoltaic effect by photovoltaic modules. These modules produce an electric current that can be consumed directly, be stored in batteries or be adapted to incorporated into the electricity grid.

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SALIX RENEWABLE ENERGY has extensive experience in photovoltaic solar energy, having developed and participated in projets in international level with a total sum of XXX Mw, developing the following activities and / or services:

  • Promotion.
  • Design.
  • Equipment supply.
  • Construction - EPC.
  • Operation and maintenance.

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Our engineering area is expert in asses the technical and economic feasibility of the photovoltaic installation, making optimal design with the aim of achieving higher production and profitability of the investment, applied to all types where we operate:

  • Photovoltaic power plants: Technologies of fixed structure and tracking of one or two axes. We have our own solar tracking product in one or two axes, completed with systems and programs of monitoring.
  • High Concentration Photovoltaic: Development of Solar tracker with two axes for high concentration technology, with an accuracy of 0.1 °. Project validated and endorsed by the CDTI and the Department of Innovation of the Government of Navarra.
  • Photovoltaic Roofs: solar installations in industrial pavilions and housing. The typologies that we have developed are completed sale of energy (on grid), direct consumption (on-grid) with and without sale of energy surplus.
  • Architectural Integration: Solar systems with a design in harmony with the building where be projected, so as to form a set with the building itself.
  • Isolated: solar systems in rural areas where there is no electricity network, developing from individual projects of small power to collective projects of small networks. These facilities can be completed with other technologies such as wind power, making hybrid systems.
  • Solar pumping: Pumping systems for drinking water and irrigation services, either by flood, drip or spray. We develop projects from 100 watts of power, to hundreds of kilowatts in large farms and ranches, with automating the entire process.

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