SALIX RENEWABLE ENERGY, has specific training to design and develop mechanical, electrical and construction projects, always taking into account the energy factor, in order to minimize their impact on the environment and reduce the final consumption.

The accumulated experience allows us to focus practical and easily applicable solutions in execution and with a fast recovery of investment, ensuring the success of projects.

Engineering 1

Our energy audits allow to identify those energy consumptions that can be optimized, providing solutions and increasing the energy efficiency in any process, either domestic or industrial.

The services that we offer in the area of engineering and energy efficiency are:

  • Technical Consulting and Implementation of Solutions.
  • Advisory and Energetic Consultancy.
  • Design and promotion of projects.
  • The calculations of thermal and electrical demand.
  • Supply of latest generation equipment.
  • Execution of projects.
  • Management and maintenance.
  • Processing of government grants.

Engineering 2


The energy rating is based on obtaining of efficiency energy certificate,that through a document describe how effective is a building in terms of energy consumption. This certificate is governed by Royal Decree 235/2013 of April 5, called “Basic Procedure for obtain Certification of Energy Efficiency of Buildings

We perform Energetic Certifications of buildings, at the same time we propose solutions to improve the energy certification of it, always seeking the highest possible rating.

All our promotions of bio construction have obtained the A + rating in their respective certificates energetic, which means that constructive solutions and saving measures that we raised have been successful.

Empresa de alto nivel ecológico, cuyo principal objetivo es el diseño y el desarrollo de soluciones tecnológicas que fomenten el aprovechamiento de las energías renovables.