Biomass covers the whole of organic matter, both its origin and its nature. Biomass term is used to refer to a source of renewable energy based on the use of organic matter by biological process in the recent past such as waste of forestry, agricultural, livestock, social or industrial.

Its use may be either by combustion or gasification.

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On burning, the use of biomass going from simple stoves, that use the biomass as is generated in nature, to large boilers that use waste as olive core, almond or products derivatives as pellet.

SALIX RENEWABLE ENERGY designs and installs biomass plants adapted to customer needs, with standards and top teams for the following services:

  • Heating and hot water for homes.
  • Heating of livestock farms.
  • Heating of industrial buildings.

The teams of high performance that we have thanks to collaboration with leading brands in the market, along with the quality of the other components, allow us to make very efficient plants, with very short return on investment and huge cost savings, in addition contribute to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas (CO2, NOx, SOx.).

Our credit lines allow our customers make your installation actually comfortably.

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Gasification involves subjecting the biomass to a thermo-chemical process, obtaining fuel or synthesis gas, that can be used to move a motor which in turn rotate an alternator for the production of energy.

SALIX RENEWABLE ENERGY has its own development of biomass gasification, which can be adapted to the needs of each customer, depending of the application and the end product required.

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